I know giving 5 stars on everything seems overzealous but Brandon handled the selling of our home and buying of our new home with extreme professionalism. I have little to no experience in real estate and having Brandon there every step of the way to ensure I understood what step in the process we were at and what our next task was helped tremendously. His ability to communicate Real Estate jargon into common sense terms helped me feel comfortable every step of the way. Also, our buyer had issues obtaining financing that delayed us for a small amount of time and Brandon was deeply involved with ensuring the buyer’s agent and finance team were working diligently to close on our home. During this time he also helped us understand what expectations were reasonable and helped us remain calm during the entire process. Thanks to Brandon we moved into our dream home and cannot provide a high-enough recommendation for this man.

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Jessica M.

Without Brandon Scott, my wife and I would have never been able to move into our dream home. We had countless moving pieces between selling our own home and buying our dream home. Brandon was there every step of the way to ensure we knew what we were doing, the implications of our actions, and what steps would come next. He made every effort to remain in constant communication with us and we never felt like we were unable to get answers from him, regardless of the hour we posed the question. Brandon Scott is incredibly professional and vigilant in his craft and yet provides a personal experience unlike any other.

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Chris M.

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